Friday, May 23, 2008

you'll know how cute is patrick star

The Patrick star that me and pink used to camwhore with is belong to kelly. She gonna keep patrick grounded in a plastic back for a year and she reject my offer to help her take good care of him. lagak lor. Alright, pink, kelly, jason going to leave us soon (busy packing up now i guess, sorry ya, cant help you guys). I mean they're going to work and leave mmu soon. =] It is may be a little bit sad... okay, may be more than that. I'm just that kind of easy emo-person when dealing with leaving seperate stuff. I gonna miss you guys very much. Remember what i yell to each one of you before i leave the house. " I love you so so much" except kelly coz she went out with boy boy already. Kelly, gonna miss you much much. 4 year under the same roof and sharing the good and bad memories, remember their birthday without saving it inside my phone's reminder. It's not a easy things. hmm... speachless, word-less. haha =] take care ya.


Pink said...

eh i dont remember that you got shout the I love you thing to me before u go also??
btw.... my new house SUCKSSS without u guys la omg T____T
feel like im talking to the wall everyday. wtf =.=

Sueann said...

wtf, i shout-out till shy annoying and chase me away d eh !!! and you still answer me:"ya la ya la..." after that i not sure what happen. you really 'fu hin' one. WTH.
Find a day visit your smelly room and we go for meal. =]