Friday, May 23, 2008


Pink found her (duck shit color)bag which she used it during alpha year; Kelly found her little bulu bulu bag which she used to take out for shopping. Super horrible, we all just scream omg when looking at it. What happen if pink use it for work, as her hand bag or what and kelly reuse that bag again, as shopping bag. Lets try it. Tell me what happen. Do you still keep those bags u used it last time? we do. Fashoin style really do change rapidly and last time student bag is so popular with duck shit color, coz shy also got one with the same style.Omg. And us, from the top of head to the end of your toes, time do leave something on it. When you cleaning up or packing up the things, history just came up. Funny. Hillarious.


Pink said...

wahhhhhhhhh u revealed my secret to everyone T___T sumore wanna describe the bag as duck-shit-color. LOL

HAHAHHAHA really damn funny la when we took it out, really can laugh until roll on the floor one lor... LOL that time damn popular one okay :P :P

Sueann said...

We got no regret la. We took many many of stupid yet nice memory picture and i still got plenty of your confidential pictures. yek yek yek.