Monday, May 26, 2008

leopard can't change its spot

I know everyone have their own personal hobby and it is totally depends on one’s favorite. However, everything has its merit and demerit. If you have bad hobbies, I’m giving you the best advice, quit it. I know no one can change the world in ‘eh’ day, pyramid not built up easily. Take it off slowly, at least quit it step by step. Why you know it is harmful and you still keep doing this? I don’t understand. Is it fun? Or is somebody forcing you? If it is, then avoid it; get rid of those stinky peers. Stand still for you will, self- controlling, do it for your love one. Sometime, someone is so just not good in taking care of themselves. IF, you are addicted to it, well, leopard can’t change its spot. I know how it feels like when you addict to something… or someone. You will try to spend most of you seconds of it, if it is not on your hand on the next moment; you like ants get inside the pants, bunch of ants! Haha =S (That is why drug addict had so many antzzz inside their pants) I’ll be so disappoint with that. But I guess you will not be that serious. I trust you. You’ll know how to control yourselves. You will. ;)

P/s: I gonna miss gg very much. Desperately expecting the next season of gossip girl and please tell me Dan and Serena is belong to be together; and from the first episode of gossip girl I know Chuck and Blair is a pair, I believe they will be. May be it is not everyone’s type series but it is worth to give a watch for it. You’ll find it interesting. =] At least you gain some New-Yorker-wearing-fashion-style’s sense although most of their style so not suitable in Malaysia and if you do wear like them, you’ll hot till die; and those who starring inside is so well-looking. Omg omg. Oh, season2, please come out fast. Faster. =]


niel said...

Do you believe in love? Do you believe it's power? Do you think love can change ones character or personality? Do you think one can change for another just because he/she love her/him?
a question been bugging me for months.. a question with an common answer.
leopard can't change its spot

Sueann said...

So many question but only one answer. Yes, it can. Sure the love can change anythings if the power deep enough. haha=]

. Jäcky . said...

Love is unpredictable. It can change anything but it can't, sometimes. It's depends on how strong the Love have been built. ^^

niel said...

how strong? how do you calculate love? how do you put your feelings, your depth of your relationship into measurement?