Monday, October 8, 2007


Just pray and use it .
okay, goodbye all.
love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The old and the new

From what I've see and learn, everything have an expired date, your food, your cloths, your shoe, and even your love. I think I kinda drag the topic too far. Okay, I was cleaning my file just now, and i found this pictured. I like this pictured, is about to notice us that the character inside the Doremon, one of my favorite cartoon, is going to change their cloths. =] I remember when i was a kid, i really so damn love to watch Doremon, and yet, i so like to read the Hong Kong famous comic, " lao fu zi" too. Ah, suddenly so miss it. I'm not a big fans of anime and I like the traditional Doremon and Mr Lao. haha. The old one always the best one. May be not always, but you will still always miss it. For sure. =)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What should we do.

For sure, we should do correct things at the proper time, and of course with the proper way. There are so much thing that we have no idea what should we do before the time comes. Only until the exact time, you will know what is your move. Still got 3 days to finish my final exam, and now in this time, had left one more subject to go. The one is not an easy "1". Alright, with my all effort and energy, just rock it. After done, i gonna head myself back home without any lagging of time . So wanna back home to move myself into a new bedroom, new bed, new pose. I think my doggie sure will bark when he see me. But never mind, with a little tasty biscuit, he sure will recognize me agian. =] bad nasty ugly dog. wahaha.

p/s: i have no idea i can get it or not. i hope i can. =)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who is Travis Parker.

Travis Barker is quickly becoming one of the more influential musicians on the Rock scene today. Travis began studying drums and taking lessons at the age of four. He studied with a jazz teacher and was exposed to many different styles of music. While in High School, Travis played in the jazz ensemble and marching band. He subsequently gained much experience performing at regional competitions and festivals. His senior year, Travis passed up drum corps tryouts for touring with a rock band. He gained more experience as a rock drummer in a few early bands such as Feeble, The Suicide Machines, and The Aquabats.

what a great drummer.
few more of his video.

How can he play so well while swinggg his head like hell. *geng*

Penis and Pussy

Oh, please don't misunderstand about that title and that video.
Penis and pussy can be fun at the other way round.
Not that way you think. =]
Lets have fun with it.

Travis Barker Remix Soulja Boy "Crank That"

Man~ i like it so much.