Monday, May 26, 2008

leopard can't change its spot

I know everyone have their own personal hobby and it is totally depends on one’s favorite. However, everything has its merit and demerit. If you have bad hobbies, I’m giving you the best advice, quit it. I know no one can change the world in ‘eh’ day, pyramid not built up easily. Take it off slowly, at least quit it step by step. Why you know it is harmful and you still keep doing this? I don’t understand. Is it fun? Or is somebody forcing you? If it is, then avoid it; get rid of those stinky peers. Stand still for you will, self- controlling, do it for your love one. Sometime, someone is so just not good in taking care of themselves. IF, you are addicted to it, well, leopard can’t change its spot. I know how it feels like when you addict to something… or someone. You will try to spend most of you seconds of it, if it is not on your hand on the next moment; you like ants get inside the pants, bunch of ants! Haha =S (That is why drug addict had so many antzzz inside their pants) I’ll be so disappoint with that. But I guess you will not be that serious. I trust you. You’ll know how to control yourselves. You will. ;)

P/s: I gonna miss gg very much. Desperately expecting the next season of gossip girl and please tell me Dan and Serena is belong to be together; and from the first episode of gossip girl I know Chuck and Blair is a pair, I believe they will be. May be it is not everyone’s type series but it is worth to give a watch for it. You’ll find it interesting. =] At least you gain some New-Yorker-wearing-fashion-style’s sense although most of their style so not suitable in Malaysia and if you do wear like them, you’ll hot till die; and those who starring inside is so well-looking. Omg omg. Oh, season2, please come out fast. Faster. =]

Friday, May 23, 2008

you'll know how cute is patrick star

The Patrick star that me and pink used to camwhore with is belong to kelly. She gonna keep patrick grounded in a plastic back for a year and she reject my offer to help her take good care of him. lagak lor. Alright, pink, kelly, jason going to leave us soon (busy packing up now i guess, sorry ya, cant help you guys). I mean they're going to work and leave mmu soon. =] It is may be a little bit sad... okay, may be more than that. I'm just that kind of easy emo-person when dealing with leaving seperate stuff. I gonna miss you guys very much. Remember what i yell to each one of you before i leave the house. " I love you so so much" except kelly coz she went out with boy boy already. Kelly, gonna miss you much much. 4 year under the same roof and sharing the good and bad memories, remember their birthday without saving it inside my phone's reminder. It's not a easy things. hmm... speachless, word-less. haha =] take care ya.


Pink found her (duck shit color)bag which she used it during alpha year; Kelly found her little bulu bulu bag which she used to take out for shopping. Super horrible, we all just scream omg when looking at it. What happen if pink use it for work, as her hand bag or what and kelly reuse that bag again, as shopping bag. Lets try it. Tell me what happen. Do you still keep those bags u used it last time? we do. Fashoin style really do change rapidly and last time student bag is so popular with duck shit color, coz shy also got one with the same style.Omg. And us, from the top of head to the end of your toes, time do leave something on it. When you cleaning up or packing up the things, history just came up. Funny. Hillarious.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's coming

My final but not last one paper is today, later on 3pm and that moment finally have come. 4 years ends like that. What a journey had we went through. =]

Monday, May 12, 2008

old school badges

Sunday, May 11, 2008