Thursday, April 24, 2008

Work or not ?

So smile actually can work things out. wow. Ish, study weeks is begin. Super many much papers surrounding me. Come on sueann, works things out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My dear Jan

My little brother gave me a tweety bird's cover notebook. It is just a simple and childish notebook, furthermore I'm not a tweety's fans, but the sweetest thing is the way he gave me this present. Once I back home and he came back from tuition class, he said he got something to give me and I said what is it ? He required me to close my eyes and give him my hand... I do it according to what he asked me to do and then he passed me this yellowish notebook. Isn't he sweet and lovely? Just like a boyfriend give present to a girlfriend. (wondering is he learn that from tv?!) That book is a present from his teacher and is too girlish, not suit him. He keep another mickey one. I so appreciate it and I still hesitate isn't he wanna kena me with some bugs toy or what. Feel so regret after that. He recently participate in a english story telling competition. Although he can't get any prize, but you are the first runner up in my heart. I remember last time I got took part in those story telling competition, I am literally freak out and can hear my own heart bouncing sound. Walao, some more is inside a class only, not at the morning assembly and his story telling venue is at the morning assembly hall. I just admire his bravery, and he manage to tell out all the story together with some action according to his teacher. Endless muacks for you, Jan. Thank you. Don't naughty at home, listen to what mommy said !!!

p/s: Isn't it Jan too girly? I'm the one who suggest this spelling. Actually i hope to name my sis as 'sue jane' and i only plan for a sis name, however it doesn't go according to what I wished and that name gave it to my cousin already, so i name my little brother as 'Jan'. Wah Jan. ish.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


isn't it mouth watering? ;) manage to snap it while waiting traffic light.

Manage to try Canton-I. The taste is better than what i expected, we didn't order much of the food, from what i order and eat, is not bad. (After finished the dishes, super full already, can't order dessert.) Specially the bbq and roasted meat. Taste good. Added on some extra "cha siew" source... hmm, better. Feel little bit hungry already when i describing it. The price is, okay. Environment is nice but a little bit pack. =| From the distance of one table to the other, is too short. Luckily that time i went there is not so crowded.

p/s: Manage to get a shoe today. yeepee. That's all, continue buying, i'll be sleeping beside the road d.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What a nice thing to hear!!! LOL ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

what a week

Long time before when my grandmom still young, =] she likes to listen different kind of music, Chinese songs, western music... collect bunch of those music albums. Until that day she move out from the old house, bunch of the albums just lie there waiting me to them home. I so want to bring all them back, really bunch and bunch of it. However my parents they said "our car full d lar... some more we don't have the player..." Arh... i so damn sad until now every time i remind about this incident. I regret didn't take all those baby black album home with me. Arh!!! so lucky the one behind me who bring them back. Ish. Don't miss any, don't wait any time if u decided to do whatever you would like to do next. gosh, i so regret i missed bunch of goodies !!! why am i obedient. =| Stupid enough to take home few of it only. Allahhh. =[

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

bo bi bo bi

Suffer~ when you want to sleep but can't, that's suffer. When you want to have fun but can't, that's suffer. When u want to eat nice but cannot, that's suffer. When you feel so so so don't want to do stuff but you got no choice, die also need to die it out, that is super suffer!!! Just finished my EEN test, which I only can shake my head, i still got totally 4 assignments to go and after that final is coming. Just now saw my roomie printed all notes out, wow~ need to be so thick and so much not? I wondering how to study for final. A mi to hut, bobi I can pass all my subjects. Bobi BoBi. -.- Anyone can provide some method that can help me increase my memorize strength? May be is I'm not hardworking enough. =|

Saturday, April 5, 2008

a little bit drunk

Last thursday, in order to celebrate Ah Tack's birthday, we went to a club and had a crazy night. Oh ya, nearly forgot to wish him happy belated birthday, officially. =] Happy always!!! Sharing some pictures here.

More pictures --> here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

back on track

After a crazy, fun, drunkly and tired night, everything need to be back on track d and start up your engine to move faster. Quick hand quick leg to settle all task. *breath breath breath* Think about those assignment and test, nearly forget how to breath. adui~

mom~ help!!! I'm vain lor.

You can make it and you need~ to make it. =]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Why we human only admire nice things? Define nice thingssss. Emm, such as cute items, nice painting, breathtaking view, pretty things, gorgeous face, fabulous body shape, pretty cloths and etc etc... oh ya, one more, tasty food !!! Why we always tell ourselves to be beautiful minded? and even simple also needs to be claimed "simple and nice" So if i said something that is simple as "simple" do you feel that i'm telling you, your things is "not nice" ? Haha =] I'll have that feeling, to be honest. "Not simple" means nice? I once saw a painting, the artist just draw some bulat bulat, circle and circles in his or her painting. When i saw it, "wow, is simple and nice. I also can draw it." Yes, it's simple but the "not simple" things is you don't owned the initial idea and you're not that creator. H/she have a beautiful mind. You can be the most successful money digger celebrities if you have a gorgeous face; The most popular traveling spot if there have breathtaking view, the most hot selling items, as long as it nice... bla bla bla.

I guess it is call successful if you own one of those nice things.

and I prefer simple (bull shit-ing) ...... and nice-gorgeous-pretty-wonderful things too =]