Friday, October 31, 2008


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


wow, kinda dusty here. Really damn long time didn't step my mouse's cursor here. I got a lot of task on my hand lately. haha, including fill my time with some of the entertainment. Midterm-fyp-fyp's presentation-party-study week-until now final exam. I'm having final exam now and there are 2 more papers on 13th. After that, will start my internship, at the meantime i have to get my FYP done also. lol. Vision of future's plan. During last time i like to fully use my time with different task or activities, as long as don't let myself senang. But i have no idea since when, i will just let myself blank or day-dreaming stick my ass on the sofa, put my pairs of big fat leg on table and eyes starring to the tv... whole day, as long as keep myself lepak. What a dramatic change, or should i say pathetic? =| However, I kinda enjoy it. It's better than i have those choked-stressful life. My life now not that stressful but sometime kinda suffer with those due-date or running out of time's day. I think that i can't blame anyone but myself, who ask you to be such a heavy bone (lazy). Arg, take a short nap first and i'll have to lay my finger on law's book already.

p.s: Have you sometime feel like, when you desperately want to own it, but you fail; When you actually holding it in you arm, you'll give your best effort to let go of it? hmm, try to appreciate what are you holding now. I always ask myself to do so.