Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool

Happy April Fool !!!
Caution here. Don't fall into the trap. Be alert. Be fun also.
First trap set by Alan. You trapped me. Adui~~
Then i started to set my trapped.
I'm kinda scare revenge now.
Shy, yinghui, just a joke.
Sorry for wake you up ya roomie. =]
I always love you guys.
happy ya.
hok ki la ~~

Thursday, March 27, 2008

bikini bottom


we LOVE ladders.

What a tired and happy day. Me, shy and yinghui went to bangsar to hunt for some cloths at those boutiques there. Looking for some cantik cantik and unique cloths. At the end, we get want but at the same time lost much blood. Yeepee~what so excited?! '__' As you all know, all those boutique is locate at the first floor of the shops, some of it at the second floor some more. What the hell !!! In order to look for cantik stuff, what can we do? climb upstair @@ walk and walk, climb and climb. From the second road walk till fourth road. Haha, kinda nice slow jogging. Manage to burn down some of fats after our lunch.

What is the restaurant name ady? wait, recalling back... Cipolla. It is a Itallian style meal. That time we went was meet up with set lunch time. So, the set is appetizer, main course, desert plus coffee or tea, is about RM34. The amount of food given is ordinary. Pasta size is like "wan tan mee" medium size, expensive or not? it is personal question. The taste is.... so western, so French itally. If you like western food, you'll love it. Really so western~ try to emphasize "so western" here. =] yinghui and shy, tembak me ba~ shot die me. Environment... good~ feels like wanna sleep inside. Aiyyo, outside is like burning.

shy, need to put 6 packs of sugar or not? :|

such a hottie. yek yek .

heading out from the restaurant.

while waiting.

dinner at midvalley's oasis. Economical and taste good~

Sunsetting, its time to back home else can't see road in dark.haha =]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Never end

Just finish my ETM 4106's exam. Ish, don't wanna talk about it, always regret after exam but keep playing and lepak-ing before it. No one to blame except myself. =] One down, still got plenty of midterm and assignment waving at me. Can i pretend for not seeing it? unless i wish to lose my marks.

List according to the date:
31/3 - etm3086 assignment.
3/4 - etm4096 midterm test.
7/4 - ehm3066 midterm test.
8/4 - OC lab.
14/4 - ehm3066 assignment.
16/4 - een3096 assignment.
24/4 - etm4106 assignment.
25/4 - etm4096 assignment.
unknown - een3096 midterm test.
( if I'm not mistaken)

Take a deep breath, keep telling myself and just do it. Can't back home this weekend. Ish~ Adui~ why got so much things to do. I don't know about the others but for me, if i have plenty of task waiting me to accomplish it, i'll automatically feel so lazy and sleepy. So damn easy to fall asleep, and have a very sweet dream. Those drama,movie or even newspaper is like far more interesting and attracting than usual. "yam kung~" I wish i have Einstein's brain or Dr Chuah's one also more than enough for me already. =|

(Ignore this) I/T: I’m not an adult cause I never want to be. It’s that mean if I don’t want to be an adult then I’m not an adult anymore but still need to continue to act like an adult and do what an adult need to do. If I don’t want to be, then I should act like a child, cry out loud if didn’t get feed or give a cool face if parents refuse to buy candies for me, but I don’t. So, it means i'm still an adult and need to take responsibility for every things i did. Okay, talking shit again. =]

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nice brunch

Bak Kut Teh

My favorite, Dry bak kut teh, which the "teh" become black source. The soup bak kut teh is so so ok ok, normal but I like the dry version of it, finger licking good. I heard that the boss came from Klang, not bad. =]

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The first day to school

Do you still remember the first say you went to school? Not kindergarten, but is primary school. Actually I’m can’t remember the first day I went to kindergarten, I just remember I used to sit van to there and the driver is the kindergarten’s teacher’s father. There is an Indian woman who associated him to handle the kids in car which is including me. The Indian woman is friendly and she really took care of me. The last year and last day I sit that van, she told me to remember her, is kind of sad that day I remember but I do remember her till now, just forget her name. =]

Last night when I was watching the TV’s show, there is a show showing the first day of school opening. I saw those parents took their child to the school with brand new school bag, school uniform and plain white shoes. OH~ the feeling of first-day-in-school is suddenly blow into my heart like wind. With the fastest speed, I rush into my mom’s room and ask my mom to watch it with me. There is a reason why I want to do this. I remembered the first day to school, my grandpa gave me an Angpao and a little size purse for me to put all my coins. (Last time pocket money not that much) My mom went to school with me that time, I not so remember how we get there, school bus I think, and then register my name and went into my class. The teacher introduce herself, tell us not to cry (you may cry for the first day, but not tomorrow. Unfortunately, I cry for a week and my mom had teman me to school for a week! Yup, I so not independent.), she takes us to go around the school, tell us where is the toilet and how to speak out when you want to go toilet and etc. One more things that makes me remember till now is when we are first year, we need to put out bottle behind the class, I have no idea why they want to do so. The problem is, there are ants around that place, there was once I took orange juice to school, after class, I so proudly take out the bottle and drink, after that only I saw why inside there got so many tiny black dots, OMG, is ants. From that day, I hate ants!

The TV show really makes me bring back a lot of my first-day-school memories. I so want to thank my mom, I so easy to cry. I cried for a week and she went to school with me for a week together with my brother, wait me till break time and after school. Thanks mom. That time, the food in canteen is very berry cheap; I remember the most expensive price is RM1.50 for big size beehon soup. Can we still find that price in present school? I usually eat for the RM0.50 one and my pocket money is only RM1. Now my brother’s pocket money is RM5. Good sign of economics development. Until the time I was standard 3, my brother entered my school. The funniest things is, during break time, we usually chopsticks to eat our food, that time I only realize my brother DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKS and I terpaksa need to feed him with chopsticks. Malunya !!!~

Suddenly so miss the name tag and plain white shoe I used to wear last time. I miss lots of things. =]

P/s: I had tried a very berry delicious Bak Kut Teh this morning. Upload those pictures next time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen