Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool

Happy April Fool !!!
Caution here. Don't fall into the trap. Be alert. Be fun also.
First trap set by Alan. You trapped me. Adui~~
Then i started to set my trapped.
I'm kinda scare revenge now.
Shy, yinghui, just a joke.
Sorry for wake you up ya roomie. =]
I always love you guys.
happy ya.
hok ki la ~~


YingHui said...

You purposely woke me up and told me those nonsense. Then said happy april fool. WTF. I will kill u!!!!!!

Sueann said...

Aiyo~ once a year.Nvm ler. hehe. Have such a roommate and house mate like me, sure lighten up your life!!! =]

xyyz said...

hehe, april fool is a fun day indeed :D la~ la~~!! hehehe! happy belated april fool sue ann :P