Tuesday, July 29, 2008


September 1st. Monday. Can't wait !!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Few days before I asked my brother a silly question,

Me : “Jan, what kind of girl do you like? A pretty, cute or a normal look one?” I guess all the guys sure gave the same answer

Jan : “a pretty girl.”

Me : “do you have any girl you like is your class? What is her name?”

Jan : “no……”

Me : “Then do you like any guy… in your class?”

Jan : “Yes! Chan Yi Xuan lorrrrr” =S

Me : “why you like him?”

Jan : “Because I same class with him since standard one already mar and I asked him homework…”

Me : “like he is your best friend laarrr?” (trying to make sure some issue here =])

Jan : “Yup. My good friend…”

Me : “Okay. Then you know guy can likes guy one? And can be together one?”

Jan : “Yar, I know” (he was watching cartoon that time and I ask so many question)

Me : “Then do you know they can get marry one?”

Jan : “Can meh~~?”

Me : “Can larr. Then you love guy??hahhaa”

Jan : “No laaa…” (Increase his voice frequency)

Jan : “If like that how to have baby~?? Boy cannot born baby laaaa…only girls can...”

Me : “then you know how is baby come from?”

Jan : “I know ah, when you with a girl long long time already then she will have a baby la. Need long long time. Then the girl will get fat, stomach will grow bigger and bigger. After a long long time, baby inside your stomach and grow up then you born baby lo…”

Me : “from where the baby comes out?”

Jan : “from butt la.”

Me : “why long long time already baby is inside? How you put it in?”

Jan : “there is a tadpole like that, purple color one, then it combines with stomach and it stick there then it will grow up and become baby lo.”

Me : “how you know is purple color????”

Jan : “Nehhh, you go and see my text book, is purple color mahhh.”

Me : “then you know where is the baby frog come from??”

Jan : “don’t know. Stomach ahh??”

I didn’t make further explanation after that question because he is busy watching cartoon. However I know how much my brother learn about sex education. At least he knows sperms in term of “tadpole” and its purple color… =| hahahhah. For a kid in standard 4… I have no idea is that level of knowledge pass or not. =] and why the text book put the sperms in purple instead of white color, gave the wrong pictures to the kids… ish.

I didn’

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another combination

As shown in the picture, a cake for all the person whose birthday falls on July.
Happy birthday dad, wt and ken. hahah=]

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sunday, July 13, 2008


I came out with this while I was waiting for my aunt at home to come and go out together. I think of a word. RESPONSIBLE. I suddenly feel that it is a very heavy word. Think about the responsible of our parents to us; think about how the word take effect to your work and everything you did now. We all have the responsible for everything we did. It is not just you made a mistake and “puff” just disappears from that. You have to take responsible of the mistake. See, the word appear again, everyday in our life. I wish I can escape the word.

My friend told me her cell phone had been stolen by her student in school and the student is just 9 years old… primary standard 3. Fortunately she discovers earlier and manages to find it back at the student’s home. It is very hilarious the way she describe to me how the student try to lie but fail and eventually hand over the cell phone himself. However the sad thing is, he just standard 3 and story behind is his parents didn’t stay together with him due to their working condition. His parents throw the responsible of their child to the uncle and the uncle fail to take full responsible to the kid and it end up like that. Who to blame?

I’m wish I’m brave enough to handle every responsible on my shoulder now, to me, to my family or to anyone. I wish my wish can be true.

Here come my responsible, my aunt and her child is here, my responsible is to drive my aunt, the baby and the kids safely to the town. Yes, I did it. OHH and my fyp. It is a very very weighty responsible which i try to do but i wish to escape but i need to do else i can't graduate but i feel want to skip it but actually i can't... argh, just do it... Wuffffff……

Friday, July 11, 2008

where to stand?

Can anyone tell me, how hard would a person felt when they had no ones that can understand or to share s/he sadness moment?
I bet it will be felt like you’re choking, situated at the lowest part of the dark hole, being isolated from the world, pointless in mind, an unidentified hand holding and start squeezing your heart… felt like cry but no tears in eyes; It would be more suffer if the person who closest to you, did the same way as the outsider do. Everything sounds worthless. I hope I didn’t make that kind of mistake.

Place yourselves in others’ stand. I always told myself but I always fail to do it. If you think you are angry because his/her attitude is bad, and plan to scold s/he kuat kuat sekali. Pause it. At least have a word with her in a proper way and give him/her a chance to speak for him/herself. But if s/he didn’t feel sorry for what s/he did, sorry la, you really deserve my admonishment.

Try to understand why s/he acts like this way, why s/he doing that, what the hell is going wrong out there. See what s/he sees and hear what s/he hears. May be we’ll have another option to choose what we suppose to do next before we misbehavior or misunderstand peoples.

p.s. Do we have the chance to clam ourselves while our blood is boiling? I doubt that. However, try, at least. Bertimbang rasa abit. Where you stand decide what person you are.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the cube job

chew hean ginn, your master piece. you're not too old actually. =]


I received a terrible text message from my friend today. The content makes my heart stop pumping. I do hope I interpret the texts wrongly but it's true. I don't know what should I say or anything i can do about it to my friend, I just hope she is fine and be tough. The only things I can give is my support and my hug. Cruel reality always ruined us and I hope we all can survive in it, face it with bravery. I know it's hard and its easy to say than you actually do it; but for the matter of fact, that is what we have to do. Sometime, I really so hate the world keeps spinning, it brings the best moment in our life and also took away the most important things in our life, simultaneously. Oh god, deal with that......

I love you, dev.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Patrick and Spongebob

When I'm not paying attention in class. =D

Tuesday, July 1, 2008