Friday, July 11, 2008

where to stand?

Can anyone tell me, how hard would a person felt when they had no ones that can understand or to share s/he sadness moment?
I bet it will be felt like you’re choking, situated at the lowest part of the dark hole, being isolated from the world, pointless in mind, an unidentified hand holding and start squeezing your heart… felt like cry but no tears in eyes; It would be more suffer if the person who closest to you, did the same way as the outsider do. Everything sounds worthless. I hope I didn’t make that kind of mistake.

Place yourselves in others’ stand. I always told myself but I always fail to do it. If you think you are angry because his/her attitude is bad, and plan to scold s/he kuat kuat sekali. Pause it. At least have a word with her in a proper way and give him/her a chance to speak for him/herself. But if s/he didn’t feel sorry for what s/he did, sorry la, you really deserve my admonishment.

Try to understand why s/he acts like this way, why s/he doing that, what the hell is going wrong out there. See what s/he sees and hear what s/he hears. May be we’ll have another option to choose what we suppose to do next before we misbehavior or misunderstand peoples.

p.s. Do we have the chance to clam ourselves while our blood is boiling? I doubt that. However, try, at least. Bertimbang rasa abit. Where you stand decide what person you are.