Saturday, October 6, 2007

The old and the new

From what I've see and learn, everything have an expired date, your food, your cloths, your shoe, and even your love. I think I kinda drag the topic too far. Okay, I was cleaning my file just now, and i found this pictured. I like this pictured, is about to notice us that the character inside the Doremon, one of my favorite cartoon, is going to change their cloths. =] I remember when i was a kid, i really so damn love to watch Doremon, and yet, i so like to read the Hong Kong famous comic, " lao fu zi" too. Ah, suddenly so miss it. I'm not a big fans of anime and I like the traditional Doremon and Mr Lao. haha. The old one always the best one. May be not always, but you will still always miss it. For sure. =)