Thursday, October 4, 2007

What should we do.

For sure, we should do correct things at the proper time, and of course with the proper way. There are so much thing that we have no idea what should we do before the time comes. Only until the exact time, you will know what is your move. Still got 3 days to finish my final exam, and now in this time, had left one more subject to go. The one is not an easy "1". Alright, with my all effort and energy, just rock it. After done, i gonna head myself back home without any lagging of time . So wanna back home to move myself into a new bedroom, new bed, new pose. I think my doggie sure will bark when he see me. But never mind, with a little tasty biscuit, he sure will recognize me agian. =] bad nasty ugly dog. wahaha.

p/s: i have no idea i can get it or not. i hope i can. =)