Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trojan Games

You guys heard about this games before? It's not about the computer Trojan virus. =] Please blame me for my lack of knowledge. Recently i view one of my favorite blog net, i found this interesting video. It really makes my eyes open wide up. First time see this kinda sport. I not so sure about the theme or spirit for this sport but i think it would like to promote a healthy, clean and "sober" idea. And of cause, discipline. Just like Olympic, just this Trojan games is a little bit special for me. I so want to share this with you all.

From the point of view, indulgence, clean, sober and discipline. =]
United State gain the most gold medal. Impressed.
Here is the link about the sport Trojan Games.

Another here. Plan not to share so many, but shy wanna watch it. =]


shy_yng said...

wat i wana watch wor...u force me watch d lo...hahahaha...if didn't see the video before sure cant believe got such games..haha